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Amazon Kicks Off Prime Day Early With Huge Echo Device Savings

Amazon has put a lot of effort into building its ecosystem, and the Echo smart speakers are an important part of that. Whether you’re going for the fifth-gen Echo Dot or the higher-end Echo Studio, there’s a little something for everybody in Amazon’s lineup. And with early Prime Day deals starting soon, you can grab an Echo device on sale and save even more when you bundle with it a smart bulb or a smart plug for as little as ₹600.

For example, you can grab the adorable Echo Pop for just ₹5,798 with Wipro 16A Smart Plug thrown into the mix. Compare that to just grabbing the Echo Pop itself for ₹4,999, and you’ll see that it’s a great deal all around. The same goes for the fifth-gen Echo Dot, which comes with either a Wipro 16A Smart Plug for ₹6,298 or a Wipro 9W LED Smart Color Bulb for ₹5,799.

On the other end of the scale, if you want something fancier, a bundle that sees the Echo Show 5-2nd Gen paired with a TP-Link indoor security camera is going for ₹6,798, down from a ₹11,498 regular value. While that may seem like a lot, the Echo Show 5-2nd Gen on its own is on sale for ₹4,499, so much like the Echo Dot bundle, you’re only paying a little extra to get an expensive additional smart home device.


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