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7 iPhones secure spots in the top 10 best-selling smartphones in 2023

If you’ve noticed more iPhones in the hands of people around you, you’re not alone. According to Counterpoint Research’s latest report on global smartphone sales, an impressive seven out of the top ten best-selling smartphones in 2023 were iPhones. Leading the pack was the iPhone 14, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max emerging as the best-seller in Q4 2023.iPhone 15 Pro Max: The Standout Performer

The iPhone 15 Pro Max stole the spotlight, clinching the top spot in Q4 2023 sales. Limited upgrades between the iPhone 13 and 14 prompted buyers to gravitate towards the Pro models, contributing to Apple’s strong Pro sales mix throughout the year.

Global Sales Distribution

While Apple sold a remarkable 10 million iPhones in India last year, the bulk of sales came from the US and China, which accounted for half of all iPhone sales in 2023.

Performance of Aging Models

Despite aging hardware, the iPhone 13 retained its position at number four, boosted by promotional activities in markets like Japan and its appealing value proposition in India. Apple’s overall sales remained steady year-over-year, with declines in some regions offset by significant growth in emerging markets such as India, the Middle East, and Africa.

Competition from Android

Samsung’s affordable A-series secured three spots in the top ten, led by the A14 5G at number eight, driven by its popularity in the US and India. The A04e and A14 4G rounded out the list, finding success in cost-conscious markets like Brazil and Mexico.

Growing Market Share

The top ten smartphone models collectively accounted for a record 20% of total smartphone sales in 2023, up from 19% the previous year. Analysts anticipate this trend to continue in 2024 as brands streamline their product portfolios. They also predict that Chinese OEMs will break into the top ten, challenging the longstanding dominance of Apple and Samsung.

Future Outlook: Embracing 5G

With 5G connectivity becoming the new standard, analysts anticipate that all of 2024’s best-selling smartphone models will support 5G, reflecting the evolving demands of consumers in an increasingly connected world.

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