Online Food Orders Trick – Breakfast for Just ₹70

Order Breakfast for 3 Persons for Just ₹70 from Swiggy
Order Breakfast for 3 Persons for Just ₹70 from Swiggy

Want breakfast for less money? Looking for ways to get more discounts for your lunch? read on to know how to reduce the cost of your online food orders. Swiggy and other online food delivery services often give you huge discounts from time to time that you may aware of. But, did you ever try to maximize your discounts? This month Swiggy is giving 40%-60% discount. Read on to know how you can maximize this discount with other offers given by Restaurants and Payment Services like Amazon Pay.

Swiggy’s Offer for Your Online Food Orders

Order Breakfast for 3 Persons for Just ₹70 from Swiggy
Order your food online from Swiggy and get 40%-60% off by using coupon code “SWIGGYIT”

Amazon Pay Swiggy offer: 1st March – 22nd March 19

Amazon Pay is my primary payment option for last couple of months on Swiggy online food orders. Why? you don’t actually need any coupon code for getting the cashback from Amazon Pay. That means, you can apply any other coupon code available before checking out and still get cashback from Amazon Pay.

Order Breakfast for 3 Persons for Just ₹70 from Swiggy
Order Breakfast for 3 Persons for Just ₹70 from Swiggy

FAQs – About the offer

  1. What’s the offer construct?
    • Customers will get a flat cashback of Rs.30 valid three times per user for all customers using Amazon Pay on Swiggy during 1st Mar to 22nd Mar 2019(Extended). Minimum value of each order should be Rs.99 to be eligible for the cashback.
  2. How do I avail this cashback offer?
    • You have to go to the Swiggy website or app, select the food of your choice & make the payment using Amazon Pay as the payment option. No coupon codes are required.
  3. What is the offer period?
    • Offer is valid from 1st March’19 to 22nd Mar’19, both days inclusive
  4. How many times can I avail the offer?
    • The flat cashback can be availed three times per user during the offer period. Minimum value of each order should be Rs.99
  5. How and when will the cashback reach the customers?
    • The cashback will be credited instantly as Amazon Pay balance after completing the payment
  6. Is the offer valid on both online and offline orders placed on Swiggy?
    • Offer is valid only on online orders made on the Swiggy website or app using Amazon Pay
  7. What will happen if my order is cancelled partially or fully?
    • This Offer will not be applicable if you, the Merchant or Amazon cancels the order fully or partially and in such a case, participation in the Offer will be deemed withdrawn. However, if you place another valid order after this during the offer period, the new order will be eligible for the cashback

Let’s Order The Food

Let’s take a look at my previous order to give you an idea how to maximize your discount. Follow the bellow steps to complete your online food order in a successful way.

  1. Open the Swiggy App and tap on the “SWIGGYIT” Banner to get the list of supporting restaurants.
  2. Look for the best rated restaurants in your area.
  3. Select your favorite restaurant which gives you 15% or more instant discounts for a minimum order around Rs 100-150.
  4. Add your items in cart and make sure to keep the amount less than Rs 200. Few more bucks extra is fine though.
  5. Type the code “SWIGGYIT” in coupon code area. (Do NOT apply any other coupon code)
  6. Select Amazon Pay(It’ll take you to the Amazon Pay Gateway).
  7. Complete the payment through Amazon Pay.
  8. Your cashback will be credited soon(Check your View Statement section in Amazon Pay page)

My items were 2 set Idli, 1 set Poori and some extra items. ie, 1 set Vada and 1 set Butter Idli. The total amount came to Rs 200 and the restaurant discount applied was Rs 30 as restaurant shown 15% discount for order above Rs 149.

Tips and Tricks for Your Online Food Order
Final payable amount after discounts from restaurant and applied Swiggy coupon

Apply the code “SWIGGYIT” to get a maximum of Rs 70. So, you get a total discount of Rs 100(30 + 70). If you are a Swiggy SUPER user, your Delivery Charges (Rs 20) get waived off as well. Finally, the amount payable becomes Rs 100 now after all instant discounts(Rs 120). Select Amazon Pay as your payment option and do the checkout as usual.

Tips and Tricks for Your Online Food Order
Email received from Amazon Pay after the Transaction of Your Online Food Order

Here you can see that I had Rs 50 balance in my Amazon Pay wallet and I paid the remaining Rs 50 through the Credit Card. Also, you could see that the cashback of Rs 30 credited to my wallet as well.

Tips and Tricks for Your Online Food Order
Cash back details in my Amazon Pay wallet

Check your Amazon Pay wallet statement to see the amount credited as cashback.

Tips and Tricks for Your Online Food Order
Email received from Amazon Pay to notify the cashback credit

You also get an Email with the details about the cashback and its validity.

Voila!! You just paid only Rs 70 for the breakfast costing more than Rs 200. The food I got was enough for 3-4 persons but, your experience may vary depending on the items or restaurants.

Things to Keep in Mind on Your Online Food Orders

You can use the Amazon Pay only 3 times till 7th March 2019. Use your Desktop or Laptop to switch between Amazon Accounts. Check out my previous post for detailed instructions.

You can repeat the coupon code “SWIGGYIT” after 2 hours of the order.

Finally, keep in mind that ordering beyond Rs 200 may reduce your discounts.

You can also use Google Pay as payment option and get a scratch card to win cashback from Rs 25-100.


  1. Minimum order value is Rs 100
  2. One Scratch card per week
  3. Maximum 3 Scratch cards during offer period
  4. Offer expires on 18 March 2019

Keep it low on your Online Food Orders.

Bon Appétit !

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