Cheap And Best Amazon Alexa Devices for 2020

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Ten years ago, smart homes were expensive, with the original Nest Learning Thermostat ($220 at clocking in at $250 and the original Amazon Echo (3rd Gen available now for ₹9,999 at costing $180. So the prospect of setting up a voice assistant-driven home – filled with connected lights, cameras, doorbells and various sensors – was untenable for many consumers.

The New Gens

But it’s 2020, and smart homes are more affordable than ever. Not only can you get an Alexa-voiced device for $20, but you can get all the things Alexa controls for super-cheap prices, too. In fact, you can make an Alexa-powered smart home for less than the original Echo cost. Here are the cheapest and best products to do it.

Amazon Echo Dot

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The best, cheapest smart speaker Amazon offers is the ever-solid Echo Dot. Their newest generation has impressive sound quality and all the smarts of the higher end speakers. Not only is the Dot a reasonable $50, but you can also catch it on sale for $25 often.

Amazon Echo Show

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The $90 Echo Show 5 brings all the visual smarts of Amazon’s other smart displays on a compact screen that fits in on your bedside table. You can find it on sale for $50 fairly often, and it gives you a screen to display the feeds of smart cams – not to mention controlling smart devices with the tap of a finger, rather than voice commands.

Amazon Echo Flex

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Amazon offers a number of other devices that add Alexa to you cars, home and other spaces, and one of the best of these is the Echo Flex, a $25 plug that brings Alexa to any place with an outlet. It brings all the smarts of the voice assistant, plus a modular design that allows the use of motion-sensing and night light attachments.

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The Wyze Cam

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The Wyze Cam is one of the best super-cheap devices out there, with a tiny $20 price tag and an impressive set of features. With the second version of the camera, you can check your live feed on Amazon smart displays.

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