Amazon Alexa Echo Show 5, A Step Ahead On Privacy

Alexa Echo Show 5 Launch, A Step Ahead On Privacy

Alexa Echo Show 5, a new member in Amazon Echo Family has arrived. The Echo Show 5 is priced at ₹8,999 in India and...
Amazon Echo Show 8 Launched

Amazon Echo Show 8 Launched, 8″ HD Display With Stereo Audio

Amazon has just launched Echo Show 8 in India. The all new Amazon Echo Show 8 is equipped with an 8-inch HD screen, built-in...
Rognan, a shape-shifting robotic furniture system that create more flexible living areas in space constrained homes.

IKEA Robotic Furniture – The Futuristic Lifestyle Space Utilisation

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has team up with American furniture start-up Ori to create a robotic furniture; space-efficient robotic furniture system ideal for...
Remapped Power Button On Your Galaxy S20

Do More With Remapped Power Button On Your Galaxy S20

Samsung already offers support for remapping the actions of its flagships, but your options are rather limited. Handy apps like sideActions give you far...
Emergency alerts and Android: What you need to know

Emergency Alerts On Android: What You Need To Know

Every so often or frequently, depending on your tolerance level - you get an emergency alert on your phone. That horrible blaring of the...
Best Headphones for Runners in 2020

Best Headphones For Runners In 2020

If you're a runner, you know that not every set of headphones will work, whether you're completing miles on the track or around town....

The Best Smart Displays Of 2020

With the Google Nest Hub (formerly the Google Home Hub) and the more recent Amazon Echo Show 8 leading the way, the smart display industry...

New Things Your Amazon Echo Can Do

Your Amazon Echo has been a helpful tool around the house - it turns off your lights when you forget to, make calls when...
Alexa Announcements Now Available For Alexa-Compatible Devices

Alexa Announcements Now Available For Alexa-Compatible Devices

In 2018, Amazon rolled a new feature called Alexa Announcements or Broadcasts. It allowed users to broadcast to multiple Echo devices around the house....

Cheap And Best Amazon Alexa Devices for 2020

Ten years ago, smart homes were expensive, with the original Nest Learning Thermostat ($220 at clocking in at $250 and the original Amazon...