Alexa Announcements Now Available For Alexa-Compatible Devices

Alexa Announcements Now Available For Alexa-Compatible Devices
Alexa Broadcast Works On All Alexa-Compatible Devices.

In 2018, Amazon rolled a new feature called Alexa Announcements or Broadcasts. It allowed users to broadcast to multiple Echo devices around the house. However, later that year Sonos was the first one to get this feature apart from Amazon Echo family.

Now, Amazon has announced that this feature will be rolled out to all devices that are Alexa-Compatible. The purpose of this feature is to enable the Alexa-Ecosystem to work like an intercom. Previously, the feature was restricted to only Amazon Echo devices. But, all available third party devices with Alexa built-in have access to this feature now.

Alexa Announcements

It is a simple way to talk to others in the house. The voice command automatically filtered out to make it perfect to the listeners.

Say this,

“Alexa, announce that the breakfast is ready.”

This message is pushed to all devices which has Alexa built-in. However, the voice will be trimmed to reflect only the message which is “the breakfast is ready” in this case. So, the entire home network can push this message through all the Alexa Certified Smart Devices to reach out everyone in the house.

So, This will enable other manufactures also use the Broadcast functionality like Facebook Portal, Bose SoundTouch, Sonos Play, Polk Command Bar Allure and so on.

The similar function is already available in Google Home. Therefore, Amazon is targeting to compete with its rival with these new features. in short, Amazon is consistently working on features like this to keep its position ahead of Smart Assistant battle.

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