Getting Maximum Discounts on Your Swiggy Online Food Orders
Getting Maximum Discounts on Your Swiggy Online Food Orders

Nowadays it’s becoming very common in our cities that people started using Online Food Delivery Services extensively. The reasons may vary person-to-person; but all end up to a common fact, that is – Convenience. I usually order food online because I’m not good at cooking (or rather I would say I’m lazy to cook) and I’m away from home or just sitting home alone. Sometimes it’s just that, you’ve a sudden urge of having some specific food items or you simply miss your favorite restaurant but you don’t want to go there for some reason.

People are finding it very easy and comfortable when their food is delivered at the doorstep and that too very quickly. That’s where the online food delivery services like Swiggy, Zomoto, Uber Eats and others come to play key role.

Food delivery service is not new but, in past 2-3 years the boom in the usage has popped out like anything after a couple of Food Delivery Companies launched their services. Traditionally, the bakery shops, restaurants and other food shops had their own method of door step delivery. But, the main problems were,

  1. Limited service area. Usually around 3-4 Km
  2. High delivery cost
  3. Minimum order value should be kept high for a free delivery
  4. Customer should use each shop’s website/app or call them to place orders
  5. Long Delivery time

Online food delivery services came to existence a couple of years ago and several companies launched their Services/App in India with limited success. After the entry of Swiggy, Zomato and the international giant Uber, a better ecosystem has been created and which improved the service quality in several folds. The advantages of Online Food Delivery Services are,

  1. Larger service area. Typically around 7-8 Km
  2. Very low delivery cost. 0 – 20 rupees in most services
  3. Minimum order value is very lower. 0 – 100 rupees
  4. A single app can be used to order from a huge number of restaurants in a city
  5. Fast Delivery, Usually 30 – 60 mins
  6. Various Payment options
  7. Discounted prices and frequent/seasonal offers
  8. Good Customer support
  9. Star ratings help customers to select the good restaurant.
  10. Competition and customer feedback forces the restaurants to improve quality
  11. One App works for the entire country

Tips for Maximizing Your Swiggy Discounts

As I’m a regular user of Swiggy, I tend to look for huge discounts whenever I place an order. The good thing about Swiggy is that it has dedicated Offers page in their App and website. Here, I’m going to tell you about how you can get the most out of it. The key to get maximum discount is to combine the restaurant offers, instant discounts and cash backs. Swiggy has several payment options like PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, UPI, Netbanking and other Card payments.

  1. Decide the amount(excluding all discounts) of order you want to place.
  2. Look for restaurant offers and check the minimum order value
  3. Prioritize your coupons based on their usage and expiry time.
  4. Find out the suitable discount coupon for the amount, time and date.
  5. Combine a discount coupon code with a payment method which doesn’t require coupon code to give cashback.
  6. Save some coupons for a later usage if possible.
  7. Use a different Swiggy account for maximizing your discounts or to save some higher discount coupons not to be wasted.
  8. Keep your order value below 200 maximize your discount.

Combine Swiggy Instant Discount Coupon Code with Amazon Pay

Combining different methods can give you maximum discounts. Suppose you’ve an instant discount coupon of 50% up to Rs 100, you need to place the order for at least Rs 200 to get that Rs 100 discount. Now you need to pay Rs 100 after applying the coupon. Select the Amazon Pay as your payment option to get a 20%(may vary) cashback. The effective price becomes,

Maximum Order Value = 200

Payable Amount after Rs 100 discount = 200 – 100 = 100

Cashback = 20% of 100 = 20

Final Effective Cost = 100 – 20 = 80

Discounted value = 120

Final Discount % = 100*(120/200) = 60%

Let’s take this in another way. If the Amazon Pay balance gives you cashback of 20% and maximum of Rs 50, you are not utilizing this effectively because you got only Rs 20 as cashback. Let’s figure it out how much can your order value go up to get the maximum cashback.

To get Rs 50 as cashback,

50*(100/20) = 250 (Amount to be paid through Amazon Pay)

So, the restaurant order value can go up to Rs 350 as you may get Rs 100 instant discount through coupon code.

Maximum Order Value = 350

Payable Amount after Rs 100 discount = 350 – 100 = 250

Cashback = 20% of 250= 50

Final Effective Cost = 250 – 50 = 200

Discounted value = 350 – 200 = 150

Final Discount % = 100*(150/350) = 42.86%

It can be noted that your overall discount was reduced from 60% to
42.86% as the order value increased from Rs 200 to Rs 350. Make a wise decision when you place the order and do note that going beyond Rs 350 order value will make a huge difference as well.

Payment Using Amazon Pay

At the time of this writing, Amazon has cashback offers for Swiggy. Amazon will give you 20%(It was 30% in January 2019) discount up to Rs 75 on first order. Up to Rs 50 each on next 2 orders.

The key point to note here is, using the first, second and third cashbacks have no impact till Rs 350 order value as explained in the previous example. The maximum order value becomes Rs 475 to get the Rs 75 cashback on the first order.

Maximum Order Value = 475

Payable Amount after Rs 100 discount = 475 – 100 = 375

Cashback = 20% of 375= 75

Final Effective Cost = 375 – 75 = 300

Discounted value = 475 – 300 = 175

Final Discount % = 100*(175/475) = 36.84%

As you can see from the above calculation that the final discount is getting further reduced which is almost half. So keep this in mind,

“More the order value, lesser the discount”

Here is an Example Billing and Cashback from Amazon Pay

Getting Maximum Discounts on Your Swiggy Online Food Orders
Final Billing details of the order made in Swiggy
Getting Maximum Discounts on Your Swiggy Online Food Orders - Cashback from Amazon Pay
Swiggy Online Food Orders – Cashback received from Amazon Pay

Paying Through Multiple Amazon Accounts

You may want to save the first order cashback (if you can) to avoid caping of Rs 50 on subsequent orders if you think you might place order for more than Rs 350 next time.

Amazon is anyway giving you only 3 chance in a month for these cashbacks. Using multiple Amazon account can solve your problem. There will be some limitations if you are using Swiggy App from your mobile phone. So, I suggest you to use the computer to place your order if you have access. Follow these steps,

  1. Login to your Amazon account in your Personal Computer(Important: Do this first)
  2. Login to your Swiggy Account in another tab
  3. Apply any coupon code to avail instant discount(Do not use Amazon Pay Coupons or any Coupons which restricts the Amazon Pay payment option)
  4. Select Amazon Pay(It’ll take you to the Amazon Pay Gateway)
  5. Complete the payment easily as you’ve already logged in to Amazon
  6. Your cashback will be credited soon(Check your View Statement section in Amazon Pay page)

If you want to switch to another Amazon Account, you can easily do it from your Amazon Homepage itself and then continue from the Step 2 to complete your order. You can use as many accounts you want but make sure you are doing it from your PC. There is a way to do it from mobile phone itself, but let me know if you are interested in knowing. Comment below for any further details or questions.

You can also use same Amazon account with your multiple Swiggy accounts. That’ll be handy if you want to utilize the balance from an Amazon account and your other Swiggy account has some good discounts.

Comment below for any further details or questions. Check this page periodically to see the changes and other tricks as it emerges. Hope you may find this useful.

Keep going foodie!

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